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Green House and Agriculture

Your pest program must protect your valuable crops and be designed by the people that know the Green House and Agriculture Industry; that's Abell Pest Control. We can support and help ensure your compliant with auditing standards required to meet the Safe Quality foods initiative.

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Distribution Storage and Transportation

Abell Pest Control services thousands of food and beverage processing businesses each week from coast to coast. Your pest control plan is reviewed and signed off on by Abell’s Quality Assurance auditors to ensure its right for you. That’s confidence!

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Food and Beverage Processors

With each visit we preform an interior and exterior inspection of the building including all critical areas. We’re looking for pest activity, structural and sanitation deficiencies that you should be aware of.

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Hotels and Resorts

Bed bugs have become a real threat. A single person or item of used furniture can introduce bed bugs into your location. Bed bugs can breed and thrive not only in bed rooms, but in waiting areas or even lounge chairs. A single bed bug introduced and left unchecked can multiply into over 1,000 bed bugs in little over two months.

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Long-term Care and Medical Facilities

Those in the business of caring for others know the importance of maintaining a pest-free facility to prevent the spreading of disease and contamination. These are complex environments with high traffic, kitchens and food preparation areas, shipments coming in regularly and often many rooms.

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Property Management and Apartments

From keeping the common areas of your buildings pest free, to dealing with tenant participation for pest control inside their units, pest control can be a huge inconvenience and chips away at your investment earnings if not handled properly.

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Even if you keep your kitchen spotless at all times, disease spreading flies can be breeding in areas of your building that are nearly impossible to identify to the un-trained eye. You’ve worked hard to build your businesses reputation.

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Retail business each have their unique pest concerns. Many have an open-door policy where Rodents can easily wander in and build a home in the back room. Regular shipments from outside vendors can include cockroaches or even bed bugs.

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